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     Nevada Antimicrobial Stewardship Program


Bacteria always have, and will, infect us.

Our challenge: preventing and resolving infections without creating more:

"super bugs".

Current Focus Topic Workgroups

Recruitment and Retention – Engage Patients in our work.  

Leads: Jeff Murawasky  and Dr. Eric Ramos

Community Outreach and marketing for public and professionals who

“brand” our group and its mission/vision/goals –

Leads: Kimisha Causey & Norman Wright

Clinical Partners and Affiliations Update – Strengthens our Partners and Affiliations

collaborate and support us in our mutual goals  -

Leads: Diane Rhee, Pharm D; Dr. Dan McBride; Dr. Brian Callister

Address the special needs and challenges of CAH, SNF and LTAC facilities to move toward

ASP enactment – Leads: Elizabeth Solomon  and Tracy Guzman    Member: Sarah Lopez

Antimicrobial Forecasting – Analyze the best methodology to collate historic and current antibiograms into the most useful and communicative tool –

Leads: Marissa Brown; Dr. James Wilson - Members: Dolly Greene ; Karen Abrams;

Terry Lynn; Martin (Tuan) Tran; Tracy Guzman

Educational Planning – Outline an integrated “calendar” of educational events; identify   gaps
that the NV ASP can help fill; poll the membership on their identified needs  

Leads: Diane Rhee    Members: Dolly Greene, Sarah Lopez

Establish measureable Goals to gauge NV ASP Progress – Prioritization of NV ASP Goals

for 2016 and methods to  track progress. Leads: Dr. Eric Ramos, Diane Rhee

Formulating Our goals and establishing the foundations to achieve success