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We are a collaborative group that is committed to helping organizations throughout the state of Nevada on the journey of Antimicrobial Stewardship development.  You will find useful links and information related to practical information from various groups and contributors.  We hope you take the time to browse our resources and share them with your institutions.


We also offer assistance in the development and implementation of your data review process.  You may reach out to any of our Board Executives or send us a message through our Contact page.  We will connect you to the appropriate resources.


We invite you to join us in advancing our mission to protect our patients.

Latest News

  • The slide deck of the informational presentations from the October 17 member meeting can be found in our Resources page.

  • The Division of Health Care Financing and Policy (DHCFP) has released a letter to providers announcing the approval of recommendations to requiring prior authorization criteria on fluoroquinolones and third generation cephalosporins.  Read the letter here.

  • The initial set of Core Element scorecards can now be viewed on our Resources page.

MIC: Monthly Informational Crumb

Check out the first set of Acute Care facility scorecards on our Resources page.  More facilities are to be added.


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