To optimize antibiotic use, improve patient outcomes, and maximize resource utilization to decrease antibiotic resistance and adverse events.


Through education, collaboration, coordination and advocacy, NVASP will preserve and improve antimicrobial efficiency in the community we serve.

Message from the NV ASP Chair

Dear Colleagues,


The NV ASP is the first statewide collaboration that formed to address the healthcare crisis of multidrug resistant organisms and inappropriate use of antibiotics.   Our goals are to assist healthcare facilities, agencies and providers to address the overuse of antibiotics and halt the development of multidrug resistant organisms. 


The team includes all stakeholders and addresses all levels of healthcare to address this healthcare crisis.  We disseminate plans, tools and conduct educational workshops to implement a thriving Antimicrobial Stewardship Program in the various healthcare settings.

Our team offers advice, assistance and recommendations for best practices regarding the delivery of antimicrobial therapy. In general, we plan to approach healthcare leaders, healthcare providers, insurance providers and the general public in a non-confrontational way to expand the understanding and better use of antibiotics in Nevada. We hope that our advice and assistance will place us among the leaders nationally in being a clearing house for ideas and for the guidance we can provide to all the stakeholders.



Gerard Marshall, BS, RRT

Director of Therapy Services AMG

NV ASP Co-Chair

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