Healthcare Facility Scorecards

The following information is being provided as a resource to identify a fellow community member who can assist with your antimicrobial stewardship program concerns and/or questions.  This is NOT meant to be an all-inclusive review, rather a community status report based on the facility’s own perception of compliance status with the current recommendations as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 


An ”E” in any category indicates that the facility representative feels that the facility has a well established process/procedure/protocol/plan for the information or criteria within that category.

A “Blank” indicates that one or more categories was felt to be in process or not fully established in a consistent or reliable manner where the facility felt comfortable being a resource for others on that topic.

Core Elements:

E1 Leadership Commitment

E2 Accountability

E3 Drug Expertise


E4 Key Support


E5 Action to Support Optimal Antibiotic Use


E6 Broad Interventions


E7 Pharmacy Driven Interventions


E8 Diagnosis/Infection Interventions


E9 Tracking: Monitoring prescribing, use, and resistance


E10 Reporting Information to Staff


E11 Education

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